Closing the Innovation Gap: Reigniting the Spark of Creativity in a Global Economy

[Read ebook] Closing the Innovation Gap: Reigniting the Spark of Creativity in a Global Economy

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Snippet : Named one of the “Best Books on Innovation, 2008” by BusinessWeek magazine Does innovation come about by luck or hard work? Is it a flash of inspiration or the result of careful management? Are innovators born or taught? In Closing the Innovation Gap, Judith Estrin provides the answers to these and other questions critical to our future. A technology pioneer and business leader, Estrin describes what will be required to reignite the spark of innovation in business, education, and government–ensuring our long-term success in the global economy. Innovation does not occur in a vacuum. It grows from the interplay of three drivers of creative change–research, development, and application. Estrin calls this dynamic the ldquo;Innovation Ecosystem,rdquo; explaining how these communities work together to create sustainable innovation. Closing the Innovation Gap covers: America’s role as the primary driver of global innovation after World War II–explaining what worked, the subsequent decline, and how to regain traction The fundamentals required to nurture innovation, including five simple but important values for transforming your organization into a force for productive change How you can ensure that your business benefits from a thriving ldquo;Innovation Ecosystemrdquo; Examples from both established companies, start-ups, and research labs that illustrate the power of innovation in providing a decisive business advantage and foundation for growth Leaders in business and public service ldquo;must think beyond short-term financial results and understand the impact of globalization and an accelerated pace of change on future economic growth,rdquo; says Estrin. With Closing the Innovation Gap as your guide, business leaders will gain key insights into identifying their needs, asking the right questions, testing new ideas, and successfully leading their organization to the frontiers of twenty-first-century innovation.