Analysis and Uses of Financial Statements (International dictionary)

(Free download) Analysis and Uses of Financial Statements (International dictionary)

Book Snippet : Book Description Analysis and Uses of Financial Statements describes in crystal clear, concise, and understandable language the intricacies of financial statements, and how investors, creditors, analysts, and other interested parties use them.You can profit from the knowledge, insights, and perceptions of these professionals and learn to understand and use their financial statement analysis tools and techniques. Realistic examples and illlustrations of financial statement analysis are constantly used in the book to make sure the subject matter is always crystal clear and all the analytical techniques discussed are well within the limits of todayrsquo;s information technology. Book Contents Preface viiChapter 1 – Objectives of Financial Statement Analysis and Financial Reporting 1Chapter 2 – Accounting Assumptions, Principles, Procedures and Policies 9Chapter 3 – Understanding Financial Statements 15Chapter 4 – An Overview of Financial Statement Analysis 52Chapter 5 – Analysis of Liquidity and Activity 65Chapter 6 – Analysis of Solvency and Capital Structure 81Chapter 7 – Profitability Analysis 91Chapter 8 – Market Strength and Overall Evaluation 101Chapter 9 – Analysis of Cash Flows 116Chapter 10 – Interim Statements and Segment Analysis 128Appendix II: Glossary 135Index 145 nbsp;

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